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Image"Welcome to The "Paul

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((Also known as Paul Day Clemens))


ImagePaul Clemens: Born January 7, 1958 in Los Angeles, CA.

ImageHe Is the son of Eleanor Parker: (Beautiful Actress, might I add)

ImageHe began his career in the 1974: (TV) If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? He played the Character; Carleton Penner.

ImageImageHe Is an Edgar Allan Poe scholar. He is the co-author (with Ron Magid) of the one-man play 'Edgar Allan Poe -- Once Upon A Midnight' and also co-authored (with Sandra Caruso) 'The Actor's Book Of Improvisation' published by Penguin USA.

ImageProduction Coordinator for Anchor Bay Entertainment on the DVD releases of: 'Masters Of Horror' Season One (2005-2006); 'The Long Good Friday'; 'It Waits'; 'Room 6'; 'Demon Hunter'; 'Cemetary Man'



BY VOTES? Ratings


Image1,040 Votes Communion (1989)



Image470 Votes The Beast Within (1982)

Image167 Votes The Passage (1979)


84 Votes All's Fair (1989)



Image75 Votes They're Playing with Fire (1984)



Image54 Votes Promises in the Dark (1979)



53 Votes A Death in Canaan (1978) (TV)

20 Votes The Family Man (1979) (TV)

5 Votes Monsters of the UFO (2005) (V)


Special Effects

228 Votes One Dark Night (1983)

113 Votes The Outing (1987)





"Monsters of the UFO"...Lucky Sutton (2005)

"The District" .... Dennis Roseman (1 episode, 2002)

- "Drug Money" (2002) TV Episode .... Dennis Roseman

"Daybreak" (2001) .... Jeff

"The Ray Bradbury Theater" .... Tom (1 episode, 1992)

 "The Martian" (1992) TV Episode .... Tom

(1989) .... Patrick

"All's Fair" (1989) .... New Executive
... aka Skirmish (USA)

"Murder, She Wrote" .... Michael Prentice (1 episode, 1987)

"Murder in a Minor Key" (1987) TV Episode .... Michael Prentice

"They're Playing with Fire" (1984) .... Martin 'Bird' Johnson

"Quincy M.E." .... Tony Ciotti (2 episodes, 1981-1982)
... aka Quincy (International: English title: informal title)
- "Give Me Your Weak"
(1982) TV Episode .... Tony Ciotti
- "Seldom Silent, Never Heard"
(1981) TV Episode .... Tony Ciotti

"The Beast Within" (1982) .... Michael MacCleary

"The Family Man" (1979) (TV) .... Denny Madden

"California Fever" .... Teddy Simpson (1 episode, 1979)

 "Centerfold" (1979) TV Episode .... Teddy Simpson

"Promises in the Dark" (1979) .... Gerry Hulin

"The Passage" (1979) .... Paul Bergson

"A Death in Canaan" (1978) (TV) .... Peter Reilly

"If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever?"(1974) (TV) .... Carleton Penner


Special Effects:

"The Outing" (1987) (special effects makeup)
... aka The Lamp

"One Dark Night" (1983) (special effects crew)

As Himself:



"The Girls Next Door .... Himself - Paranormal Investigator (1 episode, 2005)
... aka The Girls of the Playboy Mansion (UK)
- "Ghostbusted"
(2005) TV Episode .... Himself - Paranormal Investigator

"Biography" .... Himself (1 episode, 1994)
- Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
(1994) TV Episode .... Himself






"The Beast Within" Plot

I had to add this film because it is 1 of my favourites. I saw this for the 1st time when I was just a Little girl and the last 30 minutes of the film left me paralyzed with FEAR(lol). I am a huge fan of Transformation like in The Howling/American Wearwolf In London and others. Todays Horror movies are not as scary or as real like they once were in the 80's, but that Is just my Opinion...



Late night just outside Nioba, Mississippi, and Eli MacCleary (Ronny Cox) and his newlywed bride Caroline (Bibi Besch) are heading for their honeymoon rendezvous. Eli is a little too impatient, and a bit too distracted as he talks to Caroline, and he misses the turnoff to their destination. His mild irritation, the dark road, and the wet forest surrounding it conspire to make matters worse when he tries to pull a u-turn and gets the car stuck in the soft earth. After a quick assessment of a nearly hopeless situation, Eli makes a mistake he'll never forget: he heads back to the gas station they just came from to get a tow, leaving Caroline in the car with their dog and with instructions to stay there.

Caroline is more than happy to do just that, but the dog is not and she lets him out of the car, assuming he's simply in a rush to find the nearest tree. When the dog begins wailing, then lets out a yelp and goes silent, Caroline gets out of the car. She finds the dog quickly-its throat torn out-and runs blindly for the car. But the dark night, the slippery ground, and a very solid tree stop her in her tracks. What might have been a story to look back on with some humble embarrassment under other circumstances becomes a nightmare as the thing that killed the dog catches up to her. She is not killed-though if she were conscious she might well wish she had been. The creature meticulously shreds her clothing and rapes her.

ImageImageIt is seventeen years later, and the MacCleary's son, Michael, is horrendously ill. He may well be dying, and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it. Doctor Odom (Boyce Holleman), the man in charge of his case is completely puzzled. There is something alien in Michael, an "occult malignancy" which he can't trace to either parent. Caroline starts to confide their past, but Eli stalks out of the room, unwilling to divulge the rape of his wife, and the chance that the boy is not his biological son.


ImageEli suggests another hospital, another city, a doctor other than this man he obviously considers a quack, but eventually Caroline convinces him that they have to find out who the man is who raped her so their son has a fighting chance. He relents, and they head off to Nioba where they will find a name: Billy Connors, and a town that is trying desperately to hide a dark secret.

ImageAnd while they are uncovering the past, Michael takes another step toward his strange future. He wakes with a start and with the knowledge that there is a journey he must take, a place he has to go to free himself from the pain, the sickness and the voice in his head. The place is Nioba, and the journey is one his parents will never forget.





A 2001 film: This film is very interesting and creative. "Paul is astounding, and he brings so much intensity to the film." He has a style unlike any other male Actor I have ever seen!

ImageJeff Stokes is an artist whose need to create extends beyond the canvas; in fact, his need/obsession is to procreate. This obsession paves the way for Jeff to strike a damning bargain once he finds that his wife Michele can no longer conceive. For Jeff, the next daybreak becomes not only the beginning of a new day, but the end of an old life. He wakes into a world where his wish has been fulfilled. ImageHe and Michele have their own children, but the event that enabled this change has forever altered them both. ImageWhen Jeff discovers that he no longer paints, indeed that his artistic endeavors are stifled by insecurity, he sees himself a man turned bitter with anger and despair. Image"Daybreak" follows Jeff's struggle to discover what went wrong, as he uncovers personal demons and death on his own journey to damnation.



{Cable TV} Those were the two most important words to teenage horror fans in the early 80s. VCRs and video stores weren't common yet, and theaters actually enforced the R rating. The only way teens could see a horror film was when the program directors at Showtime would grace them with some late night viewing. And it seemed like at least a couple of times every month, they showed The Beast Within. Paul Clemens was sensational as Michael MacCleary and most agree. Most importantly, he is a wonderful Actor all together, as well as brilliantly smart, might I add. (I love him)




















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